Fire Pit

At Kamkota Lodge, we prioritize our guests’ comfort and satisfaction by providing a wide array of amenities. From delicious meals to readily available hot and cold water, satellite internet, and television, we ensure a seamless stay. Additionally, guests have access to knowledgeable fishing guides, convenient camp sites, and more.

Our lodge boasts a well-stocked store and tackle shop, offering everything from bait and ice to lodge apparel and canoe rentals. We also provide vehicle parking and boat launching facilities, coupled with round-the-clock security for peace of mind. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the lake from a unique perspective – ask about our jet boat tours in the store & tackle shop.

We’re committed to blending the wilderness experience with the comforts of home for our cabin and camping guests. For specific accommodation requests or inquiries regarding our comprehensive amenities, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Remember to purchase your fishing license prior to arrival. Click Here to purchase a Saskatchewan Fishing License.

Summer (May 15 - Oct. 1)

Kamkota Lodge 306-884-2177 306-884-2187

Winter (Oct. 1 - May 15)

Kamkota Lodge 306-865-2795 306-865-3717