Catch of the Day

At our lodge, you’ll relish the chance to reel in remarkable catches of Walleye and Northern Pike. We’re passionate advocates of catch and release practices, though for those eager to bring home their bounty, our lake permits possession limits of Walleye (4) and Northern Pike (5). Additionally, we adhere to slot size regulations—feel free to ask any questions regarding these specifications.

To enhance your fishing experience, we offer guiding, freezing, and fish cleaning services, with rates available upon request. For comprehensive details on fishing, hunting, camping, freighting, and shuttle services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to ensure your adventure with us exceeds expectations.

Please note that you CANNOT purchase fishing licenses at the lodge, please make sure you have your license before you arrive.


Summer (May 15 - Oct. 1)

Kamkota Lodge 306-884-2177 306-884-2187

Winter (Oct. 1 - May 15)

Kamkota Lodge 306-865-2795 306-865-3717